Whitby Civic Society Who are we ?

President Mr M Dawson
Vice President Mr B Atkinson
Chairman-Dr John Field
vice Chair Mrs B Bayliss
Secretary Mr D. James
Treasurer Ms L Thompson
What is a Civic Society?
A Civic Society works to guard and enhance the character of a town.

Are you part of Scarborough Borough Council?
We are completely independent of the Scarborough Borough Council and our interest lies entirely with the town of Whitby.

What are the aims of the society?
The Society tries to instill civic pride in the town. It looks at new planning to see that no damage is done to the character of the town. It educates people in the history of the town. It rewards people who have helped to enhance the character of the town.

What sort of rewards does the Society give?
The Society gives Certificates of Excellence to those who have renovated a building to enhance its historic value or made new buildings which keep the character of Whitby. The Society also gives a certificate of excellence to those who do something which enhances the character of Whitby. We gave one to the Friends of Pannett Park who worked tirelessly to bring Pannett Park up to a very high standard. We also gave one to the Mini-Endeavour built exactly to scale of the original by Whitbyy ship builders.

Which political party does the society belong to?
The Society belongs to no political party but welcomes people of all political parties, all religious denominations, all walks of life and all positions of society who cherish Whitby and want to keep its unique character.

Apart from Blue Plaques, Certificates of Excellence, and the monthly event what does the Society do?
The Society is responsible for two important major events every year. In July we have Civic Day where the society puts on events which relate to the town and the work of the society. In September we have Heritage Open Days where people are invited to guided visits to places not usually open to the public and on guided walks of historic interest. Whitby Civic Society is proud that its Heritage Open Days Event is are one of the best in Britain.

What does it cost to join the society
The yearly subscription is ten pounds, which gives entry at half price to the society's events. To find how to join go to