Whitby Civic Society Who are we ?

President Mr M Dawson
Vice President Mr B Atkinson
Chairman-Dr John Field
vice Chair Mrs B Bayliss
Secretary Mr D. James
Treasurer Ms L Thompson

The aim of the society is to save the town from changes which might damage its character but we do this by encouragement as well as by fighting unsuitable planning applications. Firstly we draw attention to places where prominent people lived or buildings of special interest by giving them a Blue Plaque.

We have also put a monument to those drowned at sea for all the Whitby seamen who lost their lives at sea and those other seamen who drowned near our dangerous coast. See the Stormgate page.

For new houses or restored buildings which have been built so that they add to the town's heritage we give Certificates of Excellence.

These can also be given to other things than buildings if they have added to the distinctiveness of the town.

Sometimes we send a letter of appreciation when we feel that a renovation has been done in a very satisfactory way.

To see our awards look up Blue Plaques and Certificates of Excellence.