Whitby Civic Society Who are we ?

President Mr M Dawson
Vice President Mr B Atkinson
Chairman-Dr John Field
vice Chair Mrs B Bayliss
Secretary Mr D. James
Treasurer Ms L Thompson

Whitby Civic Society-Certificates of Excellence

President Mr M Dawson
Vice President: Dr J Shorter
Chairman-Mr G Dawson
vice Chair Mrs B Bayliss
Secretary Mrs D. Wort
Treasurer Ms L Thompson
picture Pictured above: John Shorter presents the Certificate of Excellence to John Morley , the owner of the Stables Restaurant and Courtyard Rooms.
Stables Restaurant at Crossbutts Farm .This farmer lost a fine herd of cattle in the mad cow outbreak and decided to change his life style by changing his farm into a restaurant. He made a very fine job of the change of use and now Whitby has another excellent and beautiful restaurant

Maple House, Silver Street. Maples House was a very fine Georgian House which had lost its former glory for many years until its present owner brought it back to its original state

Bagshaws on Flowergate. This formerly shabby beautiful Georgian building has been revitalised as a welcoming cafe.It has a place in Whitby's history,having been a court house,prison and the offices of a well respected Whitby solicitor

Whitby Steam Bus This bus was built by the owner, a steam enthusiast. We felt that it added attraction to Whitby by its novelty.
The Mini Endeavour This exact copy of the main structure of Cook's ship was constructed in Whitby by on a scale of 1/4 of length. To-day it keeps Cook's memory and provides visitors with trips out of the harbour.
Various other buildings are under consideration at the moment. Suggestions from members are always very welcome

Certificates of Excellence

Whitby is not a museum but a place where people live,work and play.It cannot exist in a time warp and needs to cater for the needs of the existing population so it is inevitable that people will build new buildings and try to make existing buildings fit their needs. This could be done in such away that it changed the character of the town or it might even enhance it.The Society decided to reward buildings which were modernised in a way that improved their area rather than harmed it.

Ammonite House, Church Street. This was a Primitive Methodist Church, which had been built at the beginning of the 20th century. It had been left empty for many years after the amalgamation of the Methodist churches.The first adaptation, as a private residence had been ingenious but rather eccentric. Alessi's Italian Restaurant redesigned it to make a very good use of the space and keep the character of the place.,

Henrietta Cottages, Henrietta Street. Various landslips had destroyed a large part of Henrietta Street and left the seaward end very unstable. Chris Cooke decided to build some cottages at the dangerous end which needed very deep and costly foundations. He wanted the new buildings to have all the best modern amenities but to keep the character of the place. In these objectives he was completely successful and well deserved the award of the certificate.

Wellington House,Station Square.The commercial buildings of the 19th century had made good use of tiles as part of shop buildings. As changes of use came about, owners often just painted over these features. This had been the case here and a very attractive set of tiles giving the various commercial operations of the building had been covered over. The present day owners had appreciated this feature and uncovered it for everyone to see again. As a matter of interest one of the old uses, the sale of houses, was a present use of the premises.