Lecture Programme 2017

The lectures are all on the third Monday of the month at the Coliseum. The lectures begin at 2pm from January to March, then 7:15pm from April onwards.

. January 16th ‘William Willison's Tulips in Whitby's New Gardens’ by Linda Chapman.

Linda is a member of Wakefield tulip society and became interested in William Willison on finding out that the tulip ‘Joseph Paxton’ was bred by Willison of Whitby. She has researched and written a couple of articles on the lives of William Willison (opened New Gardens to the public) and to some extend his father Alexander Willison (opened a market garden on Pannett Park land, then set up a botanic garden at New Gardens), both considered to be botanical experts. Their descendants still live in Whitby with some members still retailing fruit and vegetables in the Town

February 20th AGM

Bagdale HallTalk and guided visit

March 20th
Flight Lt Richard Weeks of RAF Fylingdales will give a talk about ‘Space Operations’.

RAF Fylingdales is a radar base on the North York Moors, which was first declared operational in 1963 as one of 3 radar sites in the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS), the other 2 sites being in Alaska and Greenland. Their mission is “to provide an uninterrupted ballistic missile early warning and space surveillance service to the UK and US Governments”, which gave rise to the ‘four minute warning’ during the Cold War in the sixties.

April 24th “Northern Landscapes on our doorstep" by Malcolm Blenkey ARPS

- an illlustrated talk using photographs of North Yorkshire coastal locations from the Tees to Bempton Cliffs plus seasonal landscape images of the North York Moors. Photographic advice will include compositional aids, the use of natural light, equipment and locations.

May 15th ‘Life in the Lifeguards’ by Keith Goodchild.

Keith talks about his 21 years serving in the Household Cavalry. His memories of Royal Weddings, Ceremonial Duties and Horses of the Mounted Division flavoured with soldiering on active service abroad.

June 19th James Fearnley on ‘Beekeeping’.

July 17th Elizabeth Cheyne: "Whitby in Limelight” or “How I changed a requested brochure into a 99 page book".

p>< The talk will describe the development of the theatre in Whitby.

August 21st

‘Yet another walk around Whitby in photographs’ presented by Neil Williamson.

September 18th

A report on the ‘Capture our Coast Project’ by Dr Jane Pottas.

October 16th 50 years after Dr Beeching

– the story of rebuilding and maintaining the NYMR’ Mark Sissons,

November 20th ‘Unveiling Victorian Genius’:

N Yorkshire botanists Richard Spruce and William Mudd. Prof Mark Seaward.