Whitby Civic Society-Voluntary Work

President Mr M Dawson
Vice President Mr B Atkinson
Chairman-Mr G Dawson
vice Chair Mrs B Bayliss
Secretary Mr D. James
Treasurer Ms L Thompson

Voluntary Work

People who join the Civic Society also tend to join other societies and take an active part in them. This applies not just to the committee but to all the members. The society encourages this as a public spirited thing to do but it also keeps us in touch with other aspects of the town. These societies are completely independent from us but their aims are very close to our own.

Whitby in Bloom has worked very hard getting our town second place in England for our section.

The Friends of Pannett Park obtained a grant which has beautified the park and made it a feature of the town which makes us very proud

The Friends of the Theatre have helped the staff of the theatre to foster interest in the theatre and improve its condition

Disabled Action Group. We have had a long term association with this group

. All these societies do very practical work for the town. Other societies foster an interest in its history such as
The Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society founded in 1823, by Whitby people to engage in the new interest in Science. The society has built up a museum which rivals any museum in the country outside the larger towns. It also has a fine archive of Whitby historical material
The Whitby Naturalists which, as well as natural history, caters for Whitby and district history from prehistory to modern times.