Whitby Civic Society endeavours to encourage good work in the built and natural environment – in fact, anything that significantly improves the appearance and character of Whitby and the immediate area is of interest to us.


We already issue Blue Plaques that are permanent signs installed in publicly visible locations on buildings to commemorate either a famous person who lived or worked in the building (or site) or an event that occurred within the building. However, there are many other examples where the quality of work in a new build or refurbishment of a property merits a reward. We wish to encourage individuals and businesses alike to take pride in their own property and to do that little bit extra. We accomplish this by awarding Certificates of Excellence.


By individual or collective action this will not only give pleasure to those who are taking such positive action but will also provide additional pleasure to those living & working in the area plus any of our visitors. We hope that the award of a Certificate of Excellence will encourage civic pride and will result in others taking similar action.

If a member of Whitby Civic Society would like to nominate somewhere for a CofE then please click on this link CofE_Nomination_form.pdf , print the form, complete the details and send it to our secretary (address provided on the form). If you would like some help in completing the form then please refer to the CofE_Guide.pdf


The Certificates of Excellence that have been awarded so far are seen below.


  1. Ammonite_House,_Church_St.pdf (was Alessi’s Italian Restaurant) - awarded to ??? on 24th January 2005 by Dr. John Shorter. “The story of Ammonite House is an interesting one. The independent Society of Primitive Methodists was established by a group of breakaway Wesleyans in 1812, and a congregation first met in Whitby. A Sunday School was established by 1835; the chapel was rebuilt and enlarged in 1841, and was in turn replaced in 1903 by the building we know as Ammonite House. The foundation stone was laid on 1st October 1902. On 22nd July 1903, when the door was formerly opened by Miss Louisa Hemmingway, the Whitby Gazette said of the building “It has a noble standing and is undoubtedly a great adornment to the locality in which it is situated”. The present building, now modernised to a high standard, still retains these qualities. The WCS sent them a Letter_of_information_of_award.pdf which was in both English & Italian.

  2. The_Old_Smokehouse_Cottages,_Henrietta_St.pdf – awarded_to_the_owners,_Chris_&_Sue_Cooke.pdf by Dr. John Shorter on 12th December 2004.                                                                                 
  3. Rothbury_Cottage,_Brunswick_St.pdf – awarded to Mr & Mrs Neville Sharpe on 21st June 2004.                                                         
  4. CBK_Solicitors,_Wellington_House,_Wellington_Rd.pdf - awarded to Paul Bastiman by Dr John Shorter on ???

  5. Bagshawes,_Flowergate.pdf – awarded to ??? by Dr. John Shorter on ???

  6. CROSSBUTTS_&_STABLES_RESTAURANT,_GUISBOROUGH_RD.pdf awarded_to_Mr_John_Morley.pdf by John Shorter on 23rd December 2006. “This is to celebrate the dedicated work which has been done to the converted barn, and the nine bedroom suite of rooms built in 2004 by local craftsmen and by John Morley himself. To visit the Stables Restaurant is a magical experience. Around every corner there is something to admire in this family run eating house and a tribute to the heavy horse. The Certificate of Excellence is awarded by the Society to buildings which, recently improved, enhance their surroundings and are a credit to the town.” [we have photo of handing over ceremony]

  7. Maple_House,_No_8_Silver_St.pdf – awarded to ??? on ??? 2006? ”Maple House, a listed building, was built in about 1750. It was a snooker hall in 1905 and was used by the Conservative and other parties for a meeting room. It has been totally restored and some wonderful original features have been found. A 30ft well with clear water is in a courtyard at the rear of the house, complete with the original Yorkshire flag stones. In 1803 it belonged to the Broderick family and the present lady of the house, Lanny Brittle would like to know its original name. The sitting room has been restored by removing all signs of old paint and has been painted in light grey with all the panels in place and the coving remoulded and painted white. The whole of the front of the house has been lovingly restored and the stone steps are now in place as are the new iron railings. The owner has been made aware of our meetings and may well come to them in the future.”

  8. St_Hildas_Roman_Catholic_Church.pdf, Station Square – awarded to Father Neil on 8th October 2008 “Whitby Civic Society aims to preserve and enhance Whitby’s rich heritage and ensure that all proposals for its development respect the town’s unique character. In view of this the Society wishes to congratulate St Hilda’s Roman Catholic Church for the aesthetic manner in which the side entrance to the Church has been adapted to provide access for people with mobility difficulties, pushchairs, prams etc. and also improving manoeuvrability for funerals. The Society also thinks that the new handrails on the steps at the front entrance are a useful asset for both ascending and descending, especially in wet conditions, and for wedding groups etc. Whereas improving accessibility and alterations to steps and doorways often detracts from the historic appearance of buildings, the Whitby Civic Society feels that these additions to St Hilda’s have been achieved sympathetically and blend into the fabric of the Church without spoiling the general appearance.”

  9. Elizabeth the Steam Bus – awarded to ??? on ??? 

  10. Union_Mill.pdf, Upgang Lane - awarded to George Cochrane, Harrison's MD, by Mr. Barry Atkinson, on 13th October 2009. "To recognise the innovative design, quality of build and the benefit to this part of town".
  11. Whitby_West_Cliff_Shelters.pdf - The_Certificate_of_Excellence.pdf was awarded to Joe Plant, SBC Mayor and Jamie Rose, MD of Rose Engineering by Joyce Stangoe at the_handing_over_ceremony.pdf on 5th June 2018. The people shown on the photograph are, from left to right, David James, secretary of Whitby Civic Society, Nick Edwards, Director at SBC, Joe Plant, Mayor of SBC, Joyce Stangoe of Whitby Civic Society and Jamie Rose, MD of Rose Engineering. Read the_story.pdf behind why the award is so deserving and see the nomination form.
  12. R_A_Willison_fruit_&_vegetables.pdf -  The_Certificate_of_Excellence.pdf was awarded to James Willison by Rebecca Pearson, Whitby Town Mayor at the handing_over_ceremony.pdf on 16th June 2018 in The Brunswick Centre. Please look at the nomination_form.pdf  and the Storyboard.pdf to see the details as to why this was so deserving.
  13. Cod Roe - The_Certificate_of_Excellence.pdf was awarded to Natasha Roe-Smith by Rebecca Pearson, Whitby Town Mayor  with John Field, WCS Chairman, in attendance at the handing_over_ceremony.pdf on 16th June 2018 at The Brunswick Centre. Please look at the nomination_form.pdf and the Storyboard.pdf to see the details as to why this was so deserving.
  14. Parkol_Marine_Engineering_Ltd.pdf - The_Certificate_of_Excellence.pdf was awarded to Sally Atkinson by John Field, the chairman of WCS at the handing_over_ceremony.pdf at The Coliseum on 19th June 2018. The nomination Form covers the detail as to why this was so deserving.