Whitby Civic Society Conservation Group


Whitby Civic Society Conservation Group has been set up primarily to assess if the Society can help review the Whitby Conservation Area Plan, adopted by Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) as a material planning consideration in 2014, but which was never formally issued or advertised. Whitby Civic Society members are concerned about the way Listed Buildings and the Conservation Areas in Whitby are being developed via planning applications submitted.

We are therefore working together with SBC Planning Department and in particular with the Conservation Officer to see what we can do to raise awareness of this document and see if we can assist in the ongoing review of The Plan with the following projects identified and being progressed:

  • Whitby Quality Shop Front leaflet to be produced – a guidance document to business owners – to be launched June 2018

  • Whitby Conservation Plan – a quick guide leaflet for the residents and businesses

  • Review relevant areas of the Whitby Conservation Area Plan where required, possibly starting with The Whitby Yards


The Group is always willing to recruit new volunteers, so if you are a Whitby Civic Society member and would like to join us please contact the Secretary via the WCS email.


For further information on the Whitby Conservation Plan go to: https://www.scarborough.gov.uk/home/planning/conservation/conservation-area-appraisals-and-management-plans/whitby-conservation