Our first meetings were offered free which inhibited us from doing too many as they were a burden on our funds. A decision was made to charge and have more frequent meetings.
In the year 2001, Doreen Wort became our first programme organiser and the now monthly meetings soon became popular. Doreen continued in the post for 4 years, eventually handing the position over to Maureen Eves for the period 2005 – 2008. Elizabeth Cheney then took over for the year 2009. Wyn Jones then replaced Elizabeth and became our last programme organiser serving until 2015 when, unfortunately, ill health caused her to retire.
By now our monthly lecture programmes had become well established with audience attendances generally ranging between 30 to 50.
Following this, all Committee members submitted their suggestions for speakers and the next years programme was formulated from the best of these.
This method is still in use, the member who made the suggestion being responsible for the organisation of the talk.
Of the many interesting speakers over the years a few notable talks have been given by

In 2006 Ian Carmichael, star of cinema and television, was interviewed by Martin & Angela Verrill
John Grundy - TV presenter & author. October 2011
Joe Botham - Spoke about the family history of our local baker Bothams & Sons, Whitby & Pickering. March 2011
Marjorie Thompson - Local historian. March 2009 January 2010 January2011
Neil Williamson - Showing his excellent pictorial history of Whitby. November 2011 November 2015 July 2016 and Neil is booked for August 2017
John Stokoe - The then deputy editor of Whitby Gazette. March 2011
Julia Mulligan - North Yorkshire's Police & Crime Commissioner. March 2015
Sue Boyce – Speaking about conservation issues. April 2013 June 2015
Carol & Stuart Fusco -The growth of Fusco's fish & chips in Whitby. May 2016
Debbie Horne - History of Hornes & Whitby Gazette. October 2016
RAF Fylingdales. Space operations. March 2017

As well as these lectures occasional visits have been organised to venues such as RAF Fylingdales, Underground at Boulby Mine and the RNLI Lifeboat, Whitby. Occasional lunch outings for members are also organised together with our annual Christmas meal.

We welcome further suggestions from our membership regarding future talks or visits.