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January_16th_2017.pdf     : 'William Willison's Tulips' by Linda Chapman. 

February_20th_2017.pdf    : WCS AGM followed by 'Quincentenary of Bagdale Hall' by John Cattaneo.  

March_20th_2017.pdf         : 'Space Operations' by Flt. Lt. Richard Weeks.  

April_24th_2017.pdf            : 'On Our Doorstep' by Malcolm Blenkey A.R.P.S.  

May_15th_2017.pdf             : 'Life as a Lifeguard' by Keith Goodchild. 

June_19th_2017.pdf            : 'Future Medicine from the Beehive' by James Fearnley. 

July_17th_2017.pdf             : 'Whitby in the Limelight' by Elizabeth Cheyne.   

August_14th_2017.pdf        : 'A Walk around Whitby in Bygone Days' by Neil Williamson. 

September_18th_2017.pdf  : 'Capture the Coast Project' by Dr. Nicky Dobson.

October_16th_2017.pdf       : 'The Death Railway' by Paul Wilson

November_20th_2017.pdf   : 'Unveiling Victorian Genius' by Prof. Mark Seaward

                                                   (for copy of complete lecture notes see Spruce_and_Mudd_lecture_notes.doc)

January_15th_2018.pdf       : 'The Yorkshire Films of Nell the Sheepdog' by Graeme Aldous

February_19th_2018.pdf     : 'The AGM & The History of Bagdale Hall by John Cattaneo

March_19th_2018.pdf          : 'Whitby Ghost Signs' by Peter Craggs

April_16th_2018.pdf             : 'Slowing the Flow' by Mike Potter 

May_21st_2018.pdf               : 'Heritage Railway Volunteer ... or obsessive second career' by John Bailey

June_18th_2018.pdf              : 'The History of Parkol Engineering' by Sally Atkinson

July_16th_2018.pdf               : 'The History of the William Riley' by Peter Thompson MBE

August 2018 ..... No Lectures were planned but 3 visits were arranged  : 1. Parkol Engineering

                                                                                                                           2. Guardian III

                                                                                                                           3. Whitby Jet Museum 

September_17th_2018.pdf    : 'Managing our Region's Inshore Fisheries' by David McCandless, Ian Davies &                                                            Andrew Boon from NEIFC

October_15th_2018.pdf         : 'Whitby Abbey Collections' by Susan Harrison

November_19th_2018.pdf      : "A Meander down the Esk" by John Freeman

January_21st_2019.pdf          : "The Death Railway" by Paul Wilson

February_18th_2019.pdf        : AGM followed by 'The History of the White Horse & Griffin' by Ed Henebury

March_18th_2019.pdf             : 'Whitby's St Hilda's Catholic Church, an Illustrated Talk' by Mark Edwards

April_15th_2019.pdf                : "The History of Bothams" by Jo Botham

May_20th_2019.pdf                 :"The Sirius Mine Project" by Matt Parsons

                                                   (for a copy of the slides used please see Sirius_Presentation_May_2019.pdf)

June_17th_2019.pdf                : "The History of Whitby Jet" by Rebecca Tucker 

July_15th_2019.pdf                  : "A pictorial history of RAF Fylingdales" by Neil Williamson

September_16th_2019.pdf      : "The Legacy of Capt James Cook" by Clair Stones