What buildings would you list as a Local Heritage Asset?

The Conservation Group would like your help in identifying local heritage assets in Whitby, particularly buildings, that you believe should be recognised and are not already protected. Local Heritage lists play an essential role in building and reinforcing a sense of local character and distinctiveness in the historic environment. The heritage of Whitby is one of its major strengths and one that we should maintain and enhance for the benefit of local people and visitors. 

Local heritage assets can include buildings, designed landscapes, archaeology and elements of the natural environment which are not currently listed. It is true that Whitby already has a great number of listed buildings, however, listings tend to focus on buildings built before the early 1900s, surely we have interesting buildings that have been built since those times?

One of the most iconic buildings in Whitby is The Metropole. This building acts as a landmark when approaching the town on the Pickering Road; if you can see this building and the Abbey you know you are nearly home. The Metropole has an interesting history as a hotel and was the base for the 52nd Training Regiment in World War Two. During an air raid on the night of 6 September 1942, Gunner Robert Watmore,19, from Newbridge, Edinburgh acting as the guard on duty in the car park, received a direct hit and was killed instantly. He became the only British soldier to be killed in Whitby by enemy action in the Second World War and a war memorial to this soldier can be seen in the adjoining building’s garden at Welton Court, North Promenade.

Please Contact us if you have any details or photographs of the history of the Metropole. With your help we are hoping to compile a history of this iconic building. Please also let us have your suggestions for any more local heritage assets. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.