How we use your data

Whitby Civic Society  Privacy Policy

We keep records of our members’ names and address (postal and email) solely for the purpose of communicating with members about our activities in pursuit of our stated goals. We also hold very basic financial information, in order to ascertain whether subscriptions are up to date. All such records and information is password protected. Passwords are held by named officers of Whitby Civic Society and are regularly changed.

We do not pass these details or any other information about individual members to any third parties. The only exceptions would be (a) when required by law to do so, or (b) exceptionally, with your express consent. We do not sell data to third parties Members have the right under the legislation to ask us to provide copies of personal data relating to themselves that are held by the Society. Such requests should be made in writing to the address below.

If you have any questions about this policy, or wish either to see or update the information the Society keeps on you, please contact our membership secretary:

Mr Chris Whitlam, 16 Carr Hall Gardens, The Carrs, Ruswarp, YO21 1RW