Please find comments submitted by Whitby Civic Society on the following planning applications. Please contact us if you have concerns about any planning application.




Licensing applications


  • Beer O’clock, 12 Flowergate. Sale/supply - on/off premises, no times given. Appears to have  been withdrawn


  • White Horse & Griffin – Notice of Variation - Replacement of licensing conditions attached to current premises; additional seating to the outside of the premises 


Agreed to object. Our primary objection is on grounds of public nuisance arising from  outdoor tables. We understand the government’s case for the relaxation of planning and  licensing procedures under the Business and Planning Act 2020 and we sympathise with the licensee’s aim of protecting the business in difficult times. White Horse Yard is not, however,  an appropriate space for outdoor drinking. It is a relatively small area, is enclosed on all sides, and is residential with some bedrooms facing the Yard. In these conditions noise will  reverberate, destroying the peace of the Yard and causing a significant nuisance to  residents. This was recognised in 2003 when the planning authority refused permission for the  licensee to allow customers to use a basement door opening on to the Yard on the grounds that it would create noise and general disturbance to the detriment of residents. Her  Majesty’s Inspector agreed dismissing the subsequent appeal in order “to protect the  amenities of nearby residents”. There is no doubt that table drinking in the Yard would  generate more serious nuisance than simply using a door.  


  • Pizza West, West Cliff, sale of alcohol Monday – Sunday 10:00 -23:00 on and off the  premises

Agreed to support but suggest restrictions on off sales at times when the nearby children’s area is busy.


Planning Application 21/00564/FL Land west of The Lilacs, Back St Hilda's Terrace

  • Demolition of existing garage and construction of new dwelling with integral  garage (Previous approval 07/01643/FL)

Agreed to support, conditional on use of matching stonework to the south elevation as in the original plan and heritage style doors & windows. 


Planning Applicaiton 21/00423/FL Land at Bog Hall, Waterstead Lane

  • Proposed conversion & extension of existing store to create a dwelling

Object: the dwelling has a larger footprint  than agreed when permission was granted in 2020. The refuse bins are now stored  outside contrary to the 2020 decision. Planning permission was only granted on the understanding that the building be used as a store. Should be required to restore footpath.  The proposed building is overdevelopment of a small site, no thought has been given to  parking. 



Planning Applicaiton 20/02584/LB 42 & 43 Cliff Street

  • Erection of 2no. rear extensions and balcony

Internal alterations to allow use as single dwelling house. We do  not object to the proposal, however, the proposed development is in the Conservation Area and we would therefore welcome reassurance on the use of heritage windows and the use of sympathetic materials for the balcony.


Planning Applicaiton 21/00018/FL Flat 4, 9-10 Broomfield Terrace

  • Replacement of sash windows with double glazed uPVC

Agreed to support but recommend condition requiring the use of Heritage style windows. This building is highly visible on the way into the town centre.


Planning Application 21/00280/LB Thistle Bank, 19 Bagdale

  • Installation of signage board to front boundary wall

The property  is located in Whitby Conservation Area; the authority's Conservation Area appraisal comments on the  contribution of boundary walls to the character and appearance of the Area and recommends that works affecting walls should be in "visual harmony" with the neighbouring  area. The proposal does not meet this criterion and as the brick walls, railings, and gates of  the frontage of no.19 are particularly attractive and sympathetic, we believe that its height,  colour, and size are incompatible with Local Plan policies DEC5b and DEC1a(I). Under the  advertising regulations, commercial considerations are not grounds for approval; the  applicant's business interests cannot be taken into account.


Planning Application 20/02697/FL The Mount Cliff Street Whitby 

  • Conversion of existing Dance centre to 4No. dwellings

Whitby Civic Society suggests that the application should, if approved, be subject to conditions on the location of waste bins which should be screened and in the parking area (there is a discrepancy between the application and the block plan) and the windows and doors should be in heritage style, as befits a historic building in the Conservation Area.


Planning Application 20/02553/FL The Old Jet Works Brunswick Street Whitby

  • Change of use of former workshop to holiday accommodation

We note and support the objection from Environmental Health. If a future revised application comes forward, we also suggest that the windows be in a heritage style, as befits a building in the Conservation Area and in line with the authority's own Management Plan for that Area.


Planning Application 20/01696/FL Old Bata Site High Street Ruswarp 

  • Erection of 9 no. flats

Given the Government's strong encouragement for new developments to conrribute to beautiful place-making, Whitby Civic Society is disappointed that the application is architecturally unambitious and uninspiring. If approved, we suggest that there should be conditions respecting safe access to the road, usable outdoor space, e-vehicle charging points, and the use of sustainable energy.


Planning Application 20/02818/LB Abbey Wharf Market Hall Market Place Whitby 

  • Installation of 2no. flag poles to front and installation of platform lift to entrance stairs

Abbey Wharf is a popular bar and restaurant which is highly visible from across the river, and dominates the west side of the Market Square. The building is in the Conservation Area and is GII listed. The application does not provide any rationale for flags and flagpoles; the proposed flags appear to be contrary to the Local Plan (Policy DEC 1(a) iii) in that they would detract from character of this part of the CA, would be a visually dominating intrusion and would spoil the landscape as seen both in the market place area and from across the Esk.

We wish to remind the authority of their earlier decision not to allow banners in this area as incompatible with the streetscape of the old town centre. We also note the Borough Council and Town Council's proposed ambitious investment in refurbishing the Old Town Hall and Market Square which is currently under discussion with Historic England; the obtrusive flags would run counter to these plans. We are baffled as to why the applicant has bundled together the flags with the lift in a single proposal.


Planning Application 20/02783/FL Dolphin Hotel Bridge Street

  • Erection of 2 no parasols to front external seating area

Whitby Civic Society has two objections to the application. First, there seems to be a dicrepancy between the plan and the section drawings: the former shows the parasol finishing over the barrier and the latter shows it stopping short of the barrier. The parasol should remain short of the barrier, where it will not cause additional run-off on the pavement. Second, the applicant has not taken the opportunity of addressing accessibility; if work is being undertaken on the frontage, clearly it should include measures to open up access to the premises.


Youth Shack / Macy Brown's

Whitby Civic Society was requested to speak to Scarborough Borough Council Licensing committee following concerns raised about the licence application for the Youth Shack / Macy Browns:

Premises Licence Hearing - 17 December 2020 (Granted with conditions & amendments)

Youth Shack / Macy Browns Determination Notice – Whitby Cumulative Impact Zone (CIZ)

Circulation To; Applicant (Sunshine Leisure Limited), Relevant Representees/Parties to the Hearing

The decision and the detailed conditions may be found here Decision Youth Shack




Dolphin Hotel Bridge Street Whitby North Yorkshire