Blue Plaques

George Elliot

The Blue Plaque scheme in Whitby is administered by Whitby Civic Society. Blue plaques are historical markers installed on buildings to celebrate and commemorate links with famous people. Whitby currently has twenty four blue plaques. 2024 sees a continued refurbishment of older more weathered plaques. The Civic Society has produced a booklet that gives details of the plaques and which provides a fabulous walking trail around the town. The booklets are available at the Tourist Information Centre and Whitby Museum together with being available at Whitby Civic Society events. 

There are a number of points to consider for blue plaque nominations based on the London Blue Plaques scheme run by English Heritage:

  • The proposed recipient must have died at least 20 years ago to allow sufficient hindsight
  • Plaques can only be placed on the building once inhabited by that person and not the site of where the building once stood
  • The plaque must be visible from the public highway
  • The proposed recipient should be considered eminent in their profession, be known to have made an important, positive contribution to human well-being, or have been a benefactor to the town in some way
  • They must have resided or had an important connection with the town for some time

Please find the nomination form here. Please find the guidance here