Fortunes Kippers

Fortune's Kippers, Henrietta Street, Whitby, November 2021
Fortunes blue plaqueThe Fortune's family has been making and supplying quality kippers in Whitby at their smokehouse in Whitby since 1872. It is the 5th generation of the Fortune's family who are currently running the business and a 6th generation is lined up to follow in their ancestors' footsteps.

The quality of Fortune's Kippers is renowned throughout the world, not just in the UK. The family firm received a “Les Routiers” award in 2002 and were nominated for “Local Food Hero” for the last 3 years. Their kippers are recommended for their superior taste and flavour in many Good Food Guides.

Fortunes blue plaque

Members of the Royal Family have also been known to enjoy their kippers and HRH the Princess Anne has written to the current owners telling them how much she enjoys them.

Many celebrity chefs have spoken of their admiration of the quality of Fortune's Kippers including Rick Stein, Two Fat Ladies, the late Gary Rhodes, Brian Turner and James Martin.

The various chefs have spread the word across the globe and there are now people from Australia, New Zealand and Canada who travel to Whitby to visit the famed smokehouse and to sample the renowned kippers.

Generations of Fortune's family:

William Fortune (born 1829) Founded the business in 1873

Martyn Fortune (son, born 1870)

William Fortune (son, born 1898)

William Fortune (son, born 1929)

Barry & Derek Brown (nephews) are the current owners

Fortunes blue plaqe

Members of the Fortune family outside the historic smoke house, Henrietta Street