Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll, East Terrace

Blue Plaque

From 20 July - 21 Sept 1854 Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, alias Lewis Carroll, stayed at a lodging house, 5 East Terrace, owned by Mrs Jane Hunton. The business was mentioned in the Whitby Gazette's first List of Lodgings 6 July 1854 and was still operating in 1872. La Rosa Hotel is now at this address. In 1854 Dodgson was a student at Christ Church, Oxford yet  by the following year he was a lecturer in mathematics at the same college where he continued for 26 years. Alice's adventures in Wonderland was published in 1865.

tinted monochrome 3/4-length photo portrait of seated Dodgson holding a book 

He made further summer visits to Whitby from 1856 - 1871, usually staying at the same  address. He was a keen photographer and developed a friendship with Samuel  Braithwaite who had a photography gallery in Whitby. The poem the Walrus and the  Carpenter is said to have been inspired by his walks on Whitby's beaches.